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If you want to lobby NEC members by e-mail, here are some ideas for e-mails and a list, with which division they are from and for the TU reps, which union.
But first of all some speaking points that you could use in putting your email together.
  • Every deselection attempt will create bad press for the leadership. Whereas if Open Selection is introduced there isn't a story. Routine is not a drama.
  • It's easier - and more democratic - to have the same process everywhere rather than an easier process which still only happens exceptionally rather than being the rule.
  • Trade unionists from affiliated unions can vote in an Open Selection ballot in the same way as other members. No-one is excluded.
  • A ballot only happens if there is more than one candidate on the short list. 
  • Good MP's have nothing to fear from Open Selection. When Mandatory Reselection existed in the 1980's there were hardly any MP's who lost their seats because of it.
  • No back room deals, everything is out in the open.
  • If you want dedicated hard working activists to go out, rain or shine, to canvass for a Labour Candidate, they are far more likely to do that and are far more likely to be enthusiastic about the candidate if they have a choice about who they are.
  • We don't have trigger ballots for Labour or Trade Union elections. Why do we need them for PPC selections?

Please stay polite and focused on why Open Selection is so important. You might also want to mention the threshold for leadership elections, which also has headed in a bad direction, apparently.

And... don't forget to sign the NEC Petition, the numbers are still growing fast.

Click here to email Labour’s NEC members and lobby them for open selections and a lower leadership nominations threshold.

Individual Members of the NEC with their emails.

Chair Andy Kerr CWU 

Vice Chair Wendy Nichols (direct emails to Wendy Nichols)

Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP CWU

Deputy Leader Tom Watson Unite

Treasurer Diane Holland Unite

Shadow Front Bench Jon TrickettMP

Shadow Front Bench Rebecca Long BaileyMP

Shadow Front Bench Kate OsamorMP/BAME

Shadow Scottish Front Bench

Richard Leonard MSP MP/BAME

Welsh Government Frontbench

Alun Davis AM 

EPLP Leader Richard Corbett MEP

Young Labour Rep Lara McNeill Youth

Bame Labour Rep Keith Vaz BAME

Div I Trade Unions Keith Birch (Unison) UNISON

Div I Trade Unions Jim Kennedy (Unite) UNITE

Div I Trade Unions Andi Fox (TSSA) TSSA

Div I Trade Unions Pauline McCarthy (Bakers) BAKERS (Gen Sec Ronnie Draper

Div I Trade Unions Paddy Lillis (Usdaw) USDAW (Paddy is Gen Sec so direct emails to Paddy Lillis)

Div I Trade Unions Wendy Nichols (Unison) UNISON (direct emails to Wendy Nichols)

Div I Trade Unions Andy Kerr (CWU) CWU; (Dave Ward is Gen Sec

Div I Trade Unions Sarah Owen (GMB) GMB

Div I Trade Unions Currently unfilled (UNITE) UNITE

Div I Trade Unions Cath Speight (GMB) GMB

Div I Trade Unions Ian Murray (FBU) FBU

Div I Trade Unions Mick Whelan (ASLEF) ASLEF

Div I Trade Unions Joanne Cairns (USDAW) USDAW

Div II Socialist Societies James Asser Councillor/LGBT

Div III CLP Representatives Ann Black UNISON
Div III CLP Representatives Yasmin Dar BAME

Div III CLP Representatives Rachel Garnham

Div III CLP Representatives Jon Lansman MOMENTUM
Div III CLP Representatives Eddie Izzard
Div III CLP Representatives Claudia Webbe Councillor/BAME
Div III CLP Representatives Darren Williams PCS
Div III CLP Representatives Pete Willsman Pete Willsman

Div III CLP Representatives Rhea Wolfson

Div IV Councillor Reps Nick Forbes Councillor

Div IV Councillor Reps Alice Perry Councillor 

DIV V PLP/ EPLP Rep George Howarth MP/PLP

DIV V PLP/ EPLP Rep Margaret Beckett MP/PLP

DIV V PLP/ EPLP Rep Shabana Mahmood MP/PLP/BAME


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  • Pat Massie
    commented 2019-05-07 18:01:14 +0100
    I believe open selection if used properly can benefit the party by ensuring that MPs are truly working for the party and not for their themselves and against the party, which one or two are doing at the moment and attacking leadership as well as party membership constantly.
  • Bob Brown
    commented 2018-09-22 10:05:31 +0100
    I think open selection is more democratic and will elect MPs who work for the party not their own ends
  • Joe Hill
    followed this page 2018-09-21 09:18:02 +0100

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