Trigger Ballot - Next Steps

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Following our email, last month with our model motion here's what we know so far on the pending trigger ballot process.  The Labour Part has not yet published a timetable.

The NEC will appoint NEC representatives to oversee the process on a regional basis.

Please see below for steps you can take to move this issue forward.

Trigger Ballot Process:

  • The CLP Exec with the NEC Rep to initiate the process and agree on a timetable for the selection.
    • The allowed timetable for selection is eight weeks, although we expect that many will be able to complete in a shorter period with NEC approval.
  • Each branch within the CLP will need to call a meeting.
    • Each member (must have been a member for at least six months before the date of the CLP Exec meeting with NEC rep) will be able to discuss advantages for Open Selection for up to 30 minutes.
    • The meeting will vote and decide whether to go for Open Selection or not by a simple majority.
  • Should one-third of the branches OR affiliated branches vote for Open Selection, then the MP will be deemed to have failed their trigger ballot.
    • If a branch decides not to discuss open selection or fails to meet they are deemed to have not taken part and will not be counted as part of the one-third requirement to initiate a trigger ballot.
    • Therefore, if a CLP has nine branches and only six branches vote, two branches voting in favour of Open Selection will meet the threshold to move forward with a selection process.

Sitting MPs have the advantage of incumbency and will be allowed to circulate a double-sided A4 report (leaflet) to campaign for the support of their CLP members. 

Individuals are prohibited from campaigning for themselves until the trigger process has been completed.

What Can You Do Now?

  • Submit the motion for Trigger Ballot Timetable to your CLP or affiliated branch to be voted on and sent to NEC.
  • Email your CLP Exec (Chair and Secretary)  asking for an update on the timetable.
  • Ask who your NEC rep will be and ask for an update on the timetable.
  • Network with CLP comrades to advocate for Open Selection to ensure your branch votes in favour of the trigger ballot.
  • Identify potential candidates and be ready to support their efforts during the selection process.
  • Let us know how you get on so that we can put together an overall picture.

We need candidates committed to work with the Leadership team and deliver an overwhelming mandate with a substantial majority at the next General Election and to work harder to implement the Leadership vision once in government.

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