Open Selection end of LP Conference Meeting 26 September

#OpenSelection is the campaign to allow Labour members to select and reselect their parliamentary candidates democratically.  It's also been called Mandatory Reselection.

One Member One Vote has given the Labour Party new hope and renewed confidence, with a bold new leadership and manifesto - For the Many, Not the Few. 

Our rule change and other similar rule changes that were going to be discussed at this year’s Labour Conference won't now be discussed because an alternative NEC rule change was passed. This reforms the clumsy, complicated and conflict-ridden ‘trigger ballot,’ but is not a simple democratic vote among local Labour members on who should stand as their parliamentary candidate.

There was anger at this last minute intervention, with the position of the UNIT delegation and with the official Momentum position of supporting it. 75% of CLPs still voted against the NEC rule change, despite the Momentum advice

Come to the after conference fringe meeting to discuss how to carry on the campaign. This is just the beginning.

Matt Wrack (FBU) recalls why this is so important.

September 26, 2018 at 2:30pm - 4:30pm
RMT Meeting room, 2 Temple Square, Temple Lane, Liverpool
2 Temple Sq
Temple Lane
Liverpool L2 5BB
United Kingdom
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    If we absolutely have to have the trigger ballot system (which, considering how unfounded the unions’ fears are about losing the link with Labour through a selection process that quite clearly does preserve it or at the very least could always be reformed to that effect, and now the decision that Welsh Labour leadership elections will finally start using OMOV after all the peddling of a similar myth, we don’t), I do think it could be improved in such a way that it might actually go a pretty long way towards answering the questions most commonly associated with the open selection campaign. We’d need to see something that goes a whole lot further than the NEC’s proposals, though.

    The first step: clear the database! Do away with whatever procedure it is after each general election that automatically confirms sitting MPs there and then as the next PPC for their respective seats. Then you start not only the non-Labour seats’ selections but also the trigger ballots, with a deadline for holding the latter of maybe around halfway through the parliamentary term. Make the MP themselves responsible for ensuring the ballot actually takes place, so that they either make it onto the PPC list, or onto the shortlist for a selection contest. The rule should be that failure to do so, unless they appeal in advance to the NEC for an extension with a good reason, results in full-blown deselection with the right to even participate in the contest revoked.

    The contests would happen once all seats not held by Labour have candidates in place. This will potentially replace the negativity of a trigger ballot, particularly where it leads straight into a selection contest, with a cool-off period in which the MP can rebuild their relationship with the members and possibly even help re-energise the CLP, as meanwhile challengers for the future selection contest will emerge and fuel debate in an extended campaign period that should help level the playing field.

    Finally, I would like to see Labour adopting the position that a vote of no-confidence, providing that it adheres to a certain set of criteria or guidelines as to what should constitute a genuine censure motion and that the NEC is adequately notified of it prior to a deadline (which falls before the one for the trigger ballots), would be considered a legitimate means of forcing a selection contest. This would still be particularly difficult to actually realise, given CLP executives’ vetting processes and the requirement for a majority which now would no longer apply to trigger ballots. Also, my suggestion as to the consequences of such a vote would be that it stops short of going as far as when the trigger ballot deadline is missed, neither automatically shortlisting nor blacklisting the MP, but simply leaving it to them to submit a fresh application to participate in the contest as any other candidate would. It would essentially be the members’ judgment call as to whether to wait for the trigger ballot deadline to pass, in anticipation of the MP failing to fulfil this duty, or to decide that a censure motion may have more chance of success than the trigger ballot despite what one may perceive as being typically the less probable result.

    With increased accountability, less divisive campaigning, better CLP engagement, opportunities for new parliamentarians to come forward and avoidance of the issues some in the party have with open selection, this may be a viable set of alternative rule changes that would also meet with the approval of those demanding more democracy for members with regards to who represents them at Westminster and what role they would play in putting them there.
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