Open Selection Relaunch Meeting

Dear Members,

We will now be holding the videoconference on where to go next with the Open Selection Campaign on Sunday 12th May at 2 pm UK time. We apologise for the delay, but Labour International is in the middle of its exec and GC elections.

This meeting is by videoconference.

The link for this meeting is:

We would like to discuss what our priorities should be for the next period, including the following questions:

1. Should we prioritise lobbying the NEC to take up Open Selection as an NEC Rule Change Motion?

2. How should Open Selection link up with Trade Union democratisation and Local Government democratisation?

3. How can we get UK based organisations more involved with an initiative first set up by Labour International?

4. What should we do about trigger ballots?

We are sure that you have other questions and other issues that you would like to raise. Please feel free to contribute.

This invitation is being sent to those who have indicated that they wish to volunteer for the work. We see you as the nucleus of local and thematic groups that can make Open Selection a long term grassroots campaign.


See you then!

May 12, 2019 at 2pm - 5pm
Colin O Driscoll

Who's RSVPing

Pascale Gillet
Chris Neville
Stephen McNally
david miles
Moira Gomes
Lorraine Wilson
David Thawley
David Carr
Jason Phillips
Keith Gray
Tanbir Siddique

Will you come?

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