CLP Supporting Motion for Rule Change

If you have a CLP meeting coming up, please consider using this model motion.

Suggested Model Motion of Support for CLPs

This branch/CLP believes:

  • that being a Labour MP should not be a job for life;
  • that candidates should be selected openly without restrictions before each general election;
  • that all individual and affiliate members should be able to participate in the selection of candidates;
  • that the existing system of trigger ballots prevents this from happening and creates unnecessary antagonisms, turning what should be a normal open process into an implied vote of no confidence in a sitting Labour MP;
  • that a fully democratised Labour Party based on the principle of One Member One Vote is the best way to ensure the election of a Labour government with the strength and resolve to create a fair and just society for the many, not the few.


Therefore this branch/CLP:

  • resolves to support the Labour International CLP  rule change motion to party conference 2018, calling for Open Selection of MPs;
  • agrees to make a donation of xxx to Labour International CLP's campaign fund;
  • calls upon the NEC to endorse and support the LI Rule Change motion;

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  • Frances Hanlon
    commented 2018-08-08 15:23:33 +0100
    I will be taking this to my clp…

    O the irony of those calling for people’s vote ….yet dismissing this.

  • John Malone
    commented 2018-07-18 17:29:56 +0100
    We discussed this at our CLP meeting last Thursday and rejected the motion.
    Members agreed that more transparency was needed and that OMOV was an absolute necessity, but the removal of the trigger vote was seen as a step too far.
  • Jackie Cairns
    commented 2018-07-11 13:47:52 +0100
    Sounds good and fair to me.